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Meet the Designer......Kelly

Hi! My name is Kelly and I live in beautiful Hockley Valley, Ontario.  I want to share my love of crystals and semi precious stones  with you.  I'm a retired race car driver who competed in the top level of Canadian stock car racing for 10 years and am a certified high school teacher.  Although I have chosen not to teach school on a full time basis, I teach women about taking care of their cars and I am a performance driving instructor at some pretty great race tracks. As much as I love cars, I've come to realize that I LOVE creating things.  I've turned my office into my design studio where I can look out the large window while I'm creating beautiful suncatchers and other jewellery.  I also love to garden on my 4.5 acre property. When I bought my home 12 years ago, it didn't have much in the way of gardens and I've transformed it over the years to have 14 perennial beds and counting.   Serenity in spades!   On this site I plan to share my beautiful creations  with you.  Under the "Upcoming Page" tab you will always find where I will be.  So be sure to check it out. Under "Where to Find My Designs" will show you what stores carry my designs. They don't all carry the same items so be sure to read what they have. Thanks for stopping by!

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Sun Catchers

When the sun hits the Egyptian crystal you get beautiful rainbows.  The stones all have a metaphysical meaning so you get to experience their energies as well.

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