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Party Ideas

Friends:  Are you looking for something a little different to do with your friends and it isn't going to break the bank?  Having an online bracelet making party just might be the idea?  It doesn't have to be limited to your female friends either.  Lots of men like these bracelets as well.  Decide on a date, and on the night of the party grab your favourite beverage and get ready to have a few laughs while making some great memories.
What's included: 10 semi precious stones, 12 lava beads, silver bead to hide the knot, stretch string  and a sample of an essential oil.  A one hour time will be booked for everyone to join and I will lead you through the steps of making a bracelet; I will also talk about the metaphysical meaning of the stones and talk about some essential oils that are great for your emotional well being.
Skill level: easy
Lead time: 2-3 weeks. Beads need to be sent via Canada Post
Cost/ person: 20.00
Minimum number: 5 people
Available Stones: 
Lasting Friendship
Happy Family

Rose Quartz

Stone of unconditional love.  Heart Chakra

IMG_1804 4.jpg

Crackle Quartz

Helps regain positive emotions.Help make thoughts clearer.


White Jade

Protects from negative energies. Associated with heart & crown chakra



Clear a pathway for the other stones to fully activate your highest self. Crown Chakra



Protection & stability

Root Chakra


Lava Rock

Comes from volcanoes and is porous.  Absorbs essential oils. Used in all bracelets.

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