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Icelandic poppies

Have you ever tried to grow these? I was given some seeds from a gardening friend of mine and this is what I got. 

Here's how I did it.

  • In the early spring, sprinkle the seeds in the garden bed you want them to grow in.

  • Leave them on top of the ground and they will germinate.

  • When they germinate it will look like tiny lettuce coming up

  • They will bloom in early July

  • If you want to harvest the seeds, leave the flower head on until it dries out

  • When it is ready to dry out the seed head will look like  a teapot with holes around the top.

  • I put these seed heads in a plastic bag and turn it upside down and save the seeds.

  • Although this plant is an annual it will easily self seed itself and come back up the next year.

Why I love these flowers:  The seeds I have are double poppies and they remind me of a peony.​

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