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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I moved to the beautiful Hockley Valley just about twelve years ago to a house owned by Gordon Lightfoot's ex-girlfriend on 4.6 acres of land surrounded by cedar trees. I know this tidbit about Gordon Lightfoot because she used it in her negotiations with me... I still have the height stick she put on one of the poles for her son she had with him.

My dad is a constant fixture at my place and one of things he would frequently do is bring apples up to throw on the ground for the deer. He also ended up feeding the wild turkeys and the squirrels, so everyone was happy!

Just before the winter my dad went to TSC which is now called Peavey Mart and bought me a deer feeder. There was never any intention to hunt these beautiful animals but to derive pleasure from seeing them. I love going to my front window and seeing the deer feeding at the feeder. One year I saw almost 10 deer out there! I should note the only time I don't like the deer is when they decide to eat my hostas. Hostas taste like candy to a deer so I have to spray the hostas to deter the lovely deer. After a fresh snow I like to go out with my boyfriend and see all of the deer tracks on the ground. It's like a regular highway out there sometimes. They even walk up and down my driveway!

I've found a deer feeder online if enjoying this type of beauty is something you would like to experience. It's easy to set up and then all you have to do is buy a bag of corn from your local farmer. That's probably the hardest part. Good thing I have strong boyfriend.:-) If you don't have that, then a small bucket to put the corn in the feeder in smaller amounts. Below is the link to a deer feeder I found online but there are other options. https://www.cabelas.ca/product/88361/moultrie-deer-feeder-pro-tripod-feeder. If you decide to get a feeder, I would love to know what you think of it or if you already have one drop me a note about your experience with it! Kelly

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