Need some Bling Bling for your Christmas Tree

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Many of you know me as the "car" girl since I raced cars for 15 years and I've worked in the automotive industry for the past 20 years. When Covid hit this past March most of my work vanished and it is slow coming back. Being the entrepreneurial person that I am and still have a mortgage to pay, I decided to start making crystal suncatchers. That meant, I had to sell my beloved motorcycle to get some money to invest in crystals and semi precious stones. I've always designed and made sun catchers when I would visit my good friend Gail in Arizona. She helped me get started up here as well. Once I got an inventory made of SunCatchers I called my other good friend's Tom and Nicole who own Spirit Tree Estate Cidery in Caledon and told them I was going to do a "pop up"shop at their place on the weekend. Well it went so well that I kept going back and will even be there this weekend during their open house. I even helped organize a craft show there in August and hope to do more.

My partner James helped me create my display stand that I use at Spirit Tree. What I discovered about myself is that I absolutely love making things! I love the whole creation process and also seeing people who like what I make as well. I never thought I would be making earrings and necklaces and now that's all I think about and what combinations can I make. So naturally, I decided to make some Limited Edition Christmas Tree Ornaments using Swarovski Crystals.

The Christmas ornaments feature Swarovski crystals, Green Aventurine, White Jade, horn, lava and metal. Even the hangers are handmade by me. As many of you know, Swarovski is a premium crystal. You will see more items with Swarovski in the months to come. Green Aventurine is known as a heart healer and is your heart chakra. It is also known to neutralise electromagnetic pollution, block out emanations from computer, television and other electronic equipment. White jade is good for its' power in making feelings peaceful and calm. Some consider it a talisman which purifies the energy of the heart. So overall, I think these stones make a great combination for a Christmas ornament and the colour worked great as well!

I've only made a limited number of these ornaments and they come as a package of four. They also come gift boxed. So if you are looking for some bling bling for yourself or as a gift for someone, I suggest you get your order in asap.

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