The Robin babies are growing…

Like many of you, I've had time on my hands since all of my work went away March 13. One of the great things to happen is that I've been able to enjoy my property and nature more. I've always had Robins around but have never followed their journey. So this year I decided to do just that! I have three nests that I know of and one I've been following since I am able to see it if I get on the seat of my lawn mower and raise my camera. I thought I would share some of the photos I've taken as well as a little bit about Robins. Unlike Cardinals, Robins don't mate for life and they typically build a new nest for each brood which is usually 2 times a year and sometimes 3. This particular nest has been used twice that I know of and they use mud in the construction of it. Many Robins die in their first year, but if they do manage to survive the first year, they will live to be 5 or 6. Robins lay one egg per day, up to five or six eggs. My particular nest has 4 eggs in it. Once they hatch they are tended to for up to three weeks and usually by the father. (who knew!) The mother is off building a new nest for her next brood. Something good to know (so that we don't worry if we ever see a fledgling on the ground) is that Robins don't recognize their babies by smell. They won't abandon them if we happen to have touched one if it has fallen out of the nest. I'm going to keep going back to the nest to take photos but for now here are some photos to enjoy. I included the dates so that you could see the progression. I will add more as I take them.

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